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A Thai Limited Company is the most common business structure for foreigners who wish to open a company in Thailand, due to the protection it offers for its shareholders and the easy set up process.


Limited liability in this case means that the shareholders cannot lose more money than invested.

Or in other words, shareholder’s private assets are not at risk, should the company fail.

Thai Limited

Thai Limited Company Benefits

Easy Set Up Process

Usually takes not more than 7 days


As a shareholder, you are only liable for the capital that you register.

Unrestricted Activities

You are allowed to participate in any kind of business activity. There are no limitations.

Full Controll

Despite the Majority share of 51% held by the Thai entity, foreigners can still maintain full control by adjusting share voting rights and dividend allocation

Corporate Bank Account

With a registered Thai company, you are able to open a corporate bank account with one of Thailand’s local banks.

Work Permits & Visa

Eligible to apply for multiple work permits and visas depending on the registered capital and criteria set by the labor department

*If you wish to have a limited company with more than 49%, the company must be registered as foreign business. Please note however that this process takes longer and the activities that you can engage in, are restricted by the responsible officials at the ministry of commerce.


Need Assistance?


Nattaphong, Senior Legal Consultant

What you need to get started:

  • 2 million Baht in registered capital

  • 3 or more share holders

  • 1 ore more directors

  • Corporate address in Thailand

How the company registration process works

Just get in touch with us and our team will guide you through all the necessary steps to register your company


Essential topics that we will cover in our conversation:

  • Business name reservation and registration of your corporate address

  • Registered capital and shareholder structure.

  • VAT registration

  • Work permit

  • Social fund

  • Corporate bank account

Once we go over all the important topics and your personal considerations regarding your company, 

we will prepare a list with all documents we need from you to register your business.


All you need to do is to contact us and we will handle the required paperwork for you.

  Any Questions? 

 Speak to our Team 

+6627115470 #101

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