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Since the establishment of the company in 2017, our primary focus has been on supporting local and foreign entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in Thailand and internationally. With a strong network of government organisations, businesses, and legal partnerships in over 100 countries, we are fully equipped to help navigate our clients through any legal challenges, whether big or small.


Prich Kasettham

Mr. Prich Kasetham worked for one of the biggest IP Firms in Thailand before he decided to start his own law firm. Not only is he the founder of Vbiz Thailand, but also an award winning intellectual property lawyer with over 10 years of experience. Prich is also a member of the Asian Patent Attorney Accociation and Intellectual Property Association of Thailand


Ittichai Kasettham

Mr. Ittichai Kasettham serves as senior legal advisor of Vbiz. With over 25 years experience as practicing lawyer and 20 years as a legal consultant for well known companies here in Thailand, he is our most experienced team member. His litigation expertise and his specialist knowledge in consumer debt collection is invaluable to the firm. 



Nattaphong Puengsap

Mr. Nattaphong Peengsap joined the firm as an intern after graduating from Assumption University in 2016. He quickly established himself through hard work as an integral part of the company. With over 1000 intellectual property and corporate cases for our clients, he is one of the companies most experienced team members


Stephan Kistenfeger

Mr. Stephan Kistenfeger worked in the import and export industry for over 4 years before he changed careers to work as a business develoment manager for a well known media company in Thailand. Under his leadership as business executive, we continue to successfully expand our business operations into many more international markets. 


Kamonvun Submongkonchai

Ms. Kamonvun Submongkonchai joined Vbiz in 2020 and has been a great support for the company ever since. With over 18 years of experience as an office manager for big and well-known corporations in Thailand, she is taking care of all internal administrative tasks for our company with precision and confidentially. 


Tharikar Intapura

Ms. Tharikar Intapura worked in the  Aviation field as a flight-dispatcher for over three years before going to the United States to study her MBA.  After her studies and experience as a restaurant manager, she decided to come back to Thailand to work for Vbiz as an executive assistant. With her experience, communications skills and her work dedication, we are very proud to have her on our side.  


Aunchana Rawarak

Ms. Aunchana Rawarak joined Vbiz in 2021. She graduated with an LL.M. degree from the University of Southern California and gained valuable experience working for an American law firm before moving back to Thailand to work as a legal counsel in the Banking industry. Because of her past experience, she has proven to be a valuable member of our team.

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