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A Foreign Business License (FBL) allows foreigners to have the majority of share ownership in a company. Please note that there are several restrictions however, specified by the Foreign Business Act, if you choose this kind of option.

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Foreign Business Act:

The Foreign Business Act came into force in 1999 and prohibits or restricts foreign businesses from certain economic areas.

Examples of restricted business activities:  

List 1: Businesses entirely

prohibited to foreigners

Newspaper, radio, television business

Farming, cultivation or horticulture

Livestock farming

Forestry and timber processing from a natural forest

Fisheries, especially fishing in Thai territorial waters and in specific economic zones

Extracting Thai herbs

Trade and auction sale of Thai antiques or objects of historical value.

Making of casting Buddha images and monk alms-bowls

Trading land

List 2: Businesses prohibited to foreigners, unless approved by

the cabinet.

Manufacturing, selling, repairing and maintenance of firearms and ammunition

Domestic land, water or air transportation

Trading Thai arts

Carving of wood

Silkworm rearing, production of Thai silk, Thai silk weaving or Thai silk printing

Manufacturing sugar from sugar cane

Salt farming and mining

List 3: Business that are not yet permitted to foreigners. Prohibited to foreigners unless approved by the director- general of the Commercial Registration Department

Rice milling and flour production from rice and plants

Fisheries, in particular breeding of aquatic creatures

Forestry from replanting

Production of plywood, veneer, chip or hard board

Production of lime




Food and beverages

Other service businesses, with the exception of service businesses as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation

Please note that the application process for a foreign business license is very complex. For further information you can contact our lawyers anytime.


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