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Providing reliable and affordable solutions to process your work permit requirements in Thailand

Thai Work Permit Requirements:

Foreigners who would like to work or operate a business in Thailand are required to obtain a valid work permit from the Ministry of Labor. Working without a work permit is illegal and punishable with a fine of 2000 to 100.000 Baht or imprisonment of up to five years, or both.


Per one foreigner companies are required to have:

  • A minimum of 2 Million THB in registered capital

  • 4 Thai employees

  • VAT registration

* Individuals must also have a valid non-immigrant type visa to apply for a work permit, either a type b visa (business visa), or a type o visa (marriage visa) for foreigners married to a Thai National.

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Documents provided by Employee

  • Passport including copies of all pages signed by the employee

  • TM.6 Departure Card

  • Education Degree, Transcript or licenses including copies of all pages signed by the employee and detailed CV or Resume3 photos

  • Marriage certificate (original and signed copies) for foreigners married to a Thai National, including Wife’s Thai ID card, birth certificate of children if any and household registration


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Nattaphong, Senior Legal Consultant

Documents provided by Employer

  • Company Affidavit

  • A shareholder list (not older than 6 month & certified) by the Commercial Registration Department

  • Factory License (if applicable), VAT Certificate,

  • Withholding tax (in case of work permit renewal)

Registration Time and Validity of Work Permit

  • Processing Time in Bangkok: 7 Days

  • Processing Time in Phuket: 2 month

  • Valid for the same amount of time as the visa

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   Speak to our Team 

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  Any Questions? 

 Speak to our Team 

+6627115470 #101

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