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US Amity Company

Receive special privileges as US Citizen by registering your company under the US Treaty of Amity.

What is a US- Thai Treaty of Amity

The US Treaty of Amity is an agreement that gives Americans special rights and advantages to open their businesses in Thailand without facing many restrictions imposed by the Foreign Business Act. 

  • The treaty allows Americans to open their business in Thailand with a majority share of 51 % or more. Even 100 % owner ship is permitted under the treaty

  • American companies may engage in most of the business activities that are usually reserved for Thai companies.

US Amity companies are however not allowed to engage in business activities related to:

  • Any kind of banking involving depository functions

  • The domestic trade of indigenous agricultural products

  • The exploitation of natural resources

  • Land wwnership

  • All fiduciary functions  

  • The transport and communication sector

For those who are unfamiliar with the registration process, a US Amity Treaty application might seem complicated and time consuming. Vbiz can assist you with all necessary steps to obtain a US Amity company status without any delays.

US Thai Treaty of Amity

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