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Company Registration

Register your company in Thailand with ease. Vbiz provides fast and efficient ways to set up the business structure you require.

Setting Up Business

Setting up a business in Thailand 

Thailand offers great potential for foreigners intending to start a business. Registering a company can however be difficult and challenging without the help of experienced lawyers or business consultants. Vbiz can advise you on the right company structure and the best legal practices.

Key questions to consider when registering a new business in Thailand include the following:

  • What are the company’s main business activities?

  • What are the shareholding requirements?

  • Will the company employ foreign or just Thai personnel?

  • What business licenses does the company need?

The business structure that is ideal for most businesses is a Thai limited company. There are

however other options to choose from.

Thai Business Structures


Need Assistance?


Nattaphong, Senior Legal Consultant

How long does it take to register a company in Thailand ?

The duration of the company registration depends on several factors including the business structure you chose and the timely preparation of the required documents.


We can provide you however with an approximate timeframe for each business structure:

Thai Company Limited:

1 to 2 weeks


4 to 6 months

US Amity Company:

2 to 3 months

Export Manufacturing Company:

1 to 2 weeks

Representative Office:

4 to 6 months 

Branch Office:

4 to 6 months

Why Businesses like to work with us ? 

More than 40 years of combined experience 

Professional and stress-free legal support

Trusted by more than 1000 companies 

Affordable pricing and friendly customer service

"Vbiz was unbelievably helpful to us when we started setting up our company in Bangkok.  Very professional and good customer service." 

Ms. Rungnapha Pomsuwan, Business Development Director of DHE GROUP

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