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Selling goods and services online requires obtaining an E-Commerce License for your business.

E-Commerce License

Ecommerce License and Electronic Transaction Act

The trend for businesses turning to the internet has been steadily upward, due to the comparable smaller investments needed to start an e-commerce business, low barrier of entry, change in demographics and increased business opportunities.


Thailand has recognized this trend by providing legal recognition and protection for E-Commerce 

businesses under the Electronics Transactions Act with the purpose to mitigate or eliminate                      obstacles to electronic transactions.


Anyone operating without a license relating to electronic transactions is liable to imprisonment for

up to two years or a fine up to 100.000 Baht.


Therefore, we strongly advise submitting your application with the assistance of an experienced

lawyer to ensure that you get your license as fast as possible.


The required details for the e-commerce application include the following:

  • Website name

  • A description of the products or services being offered on the website

  • Date of starting the website (the application should be made within 30 days from the start date of operating the website)

  • Methods of payments offered on the website

  • Documents from the service provider, showing domain name registration


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