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Defending or enforcing your rights in court requires professional litigation experts who fully understand the particularities of each court case.

Litigation in Thailand

Thailand is a civil law country with strong influences from common law systems. That means that Thai laws are codified and place much less emphasis on judicial precedent. Previous decisions of the supreme court however have in practice a persuasive effect on the courts of lower instances.


All Civil and criminal cases fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of justice which makes up the majority of the courts in Thailand. The courts consist of three tiers:

Court of Justice

Court of first Instance

Court of Appeal

Supreme Court

Administrative cases however fall under the jurisdiction of a different court system. It is therefore important to consider the nature of the legal matter.


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Vbiz represents a wide range of medium and large sized Thai and International Companies, across a broad spectrum of litigation cases.

Our team of first-rate litigation lawyers can assist you with all types of litigation including:

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