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A representative office is often a viable choice for overseas companies wanting to conduct marketing activities only and not for the purpose of generating a profit in Thailand.

Representative Office in Thailand

A representative office allows foreigners to conduct marketing research or other non-transactional activities without the need to open a branch office or subsidiary.

  • Foreign Ownership:  Up to 100%

  • Capital Requirements:  3 Million Thai Baht

  • Registration Time: Up to 1 month

Prohibited Activities

  • Not allowed to negotiate with third parties, receive purchase orders, engage in sales or any other revenue generating activities.

  • All expenses incurred by the representative office must be entirely paid by the head office.

  • Not subject to any corporate income tax, except for interest on any remaining funds transferred from the head office to the representative office.


Permitted Activities

  • Report to head office on any business developments and activities in Thailand.

  • Sourcing goods and services for its head office.

  • Providing advice on goods being sold to customers and distributors.

  • Inspecting and controlling the quality of the goods or services that have been purchased or commissioned by the head office.

  • Providing information regarding new goods or services.

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