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Signing a Contract


Comprehensive contract drafting & review services for your intellectual property to shield you effectively against risk and liability.

Types of Contracts

There are a variety options available to enhance the protection of your IP rights, ranging from contracts solely focusing on intellectual property to contracts where intellectual property is an integral part of such agreement.


Most common agreements: 

# Intellectual Property Agreement


This type of agreement is executed between two or more collaborating parties for the purchase and sale of intellectual property rights.  It’s also commonly known as intellectual property transfer agreement or intellectual property assignment agreement.


# Business Agreements


In addition to contracts that solely focus on IP rights, any type of commercial agreement from manufacturing to sales agreements should contain IP clauses such as IP ownership, term of use or confidently agreements.


Since difficulties often arise when no formal agreements are established, we strongly advise that IP provisions are specified and part of any business contract.



# Employment Agreements


All common IP rights can be protected through IP clauses specified in employment agreements. Especially trade secrets are one of the most concerning topics for businesses when hiring employees. IP protection clauses ensure through the provision of severe punishment that the risk of breach is kept at a minimum.



# Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements


Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are also known as mutual disclosure agreements or secrecy agreement. These contracts are commonly used in companies, for example when exploring new business opportunities, such as investing in different countries or when developing relationships with new partners.



Since legal contracts can be very complex, we strongly recommend to seek advice from experienced lawyers.

Type of Contracts

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