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Our experienced legal team can assist with registering your copyrights in Thailand and internationally. Quick, easy and affordable copyright application provided by Vbiz.

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Copyright Law in Thailand

Copyrights in Thailand are protected under the Thai Copyright Act (1994). The creation of an author, which could be artistic, literary, audio visual, scientific or cinematographic in nature is protected for a lifelong period plus 50 years after the death of the copyright holder.

Any person knowingly infringing on someone else’s copyright by selling, communicating to the public,    importing or distributing copyrighted material is deemed to violate Thai Copyright.


A person is not deemed to infringe on someone’s copyright if the act is not conflicting a normal exploitation of the copyrighted work and does not compromise the legitimate right of the copyright  owner.


The following is not considered copyright infringement:

  • Research or work study for non-profit use

  • Use for personal benefit and the benefit of family members or close relatives

  • Comment, criticism or introduction of the work by citing the source of the copyrighted work

  • News reporting through mass media by citing the source of the copyrighted work

  • Reproduction intended for judicial or administrative proceedings

  • Reproduction for teaching purposes at a non-profit institution

  • Use of copyrighted work as part of questions and answers in an examination

Please note that the information mentioned above serves only as a guideline. For any further

details, you can contact our legal team anytime.


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Why register Copyrights in Thailand?

Copyrights do not have to be registered to protect someone’s work or creation from infringement, however official registration offers the following strategic advantages:

  • Official recordation provides leverage in establishing proof of ownership

  • Makes it easier to enforce your rights

  • In case the recorded ownership is challenged, the burden of proof lies on the accuser and not the owner of a recorded copyright.

Apart from registering your copyrights in Thailand we are also able to assist you with copyright registration internationally through our partner firms.

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